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My name is Anna, I am a professional cosmetologist with 7 years of experience.
I think that everyone knows that skin takes up the largest area of human body. It fulfills the protective excretory function, thermoregulation, etc...
Cleansing plays a very important role in skin health. The state of the skin depends on how we cleanse it and, mainly, what we use to cleanse it.
Modern products today contain a lot of harmful for skin additives, synthetic colorants, parabens, preservatives and oil products. That is where the skin irritation, acne, overdrying, dermatitis and allergies and coming from. I see that a lot.
Many of us think more and more often about using natural products. The advantage of natural soap is in the fact that it is completely natural, handmade and contains vegetable oils, natural colorants and additives (natural pigments, clay, herbs, sea buckthorn oil, honey, etc).
Natural soap is beneficial for skin. It can be used for cleansing of face and body; it removes makeup very well.

Due to the contents of natural glycerin and high quality oils, natural soap soothes the skin, preserves its elasticity and moisture. Natural ingredients do not upset the natural alcaline skin balance.
It is important to be able to choose natural soap correctly. The writing on the packaging saying “natural” does not yet mean that the soap is truly natural. Some producers use cheap soap base for their products, add chemical aromatizers and colorants to it.
Natural soap that is beneficial for health does not have a strong aroma, that is why the scent of natural soap is delicate and mild.
In terms of quality, natural soap is produced based on saponified vegetable oils, such as olive, palm, coconut and cocoa oils. That is why the first ingredients in the contents list are saponified oils (olive, palm, coconut).
Natural soap properties are hypoallergenicity, soothing effect (does not dry the skin out), and the ability to use it even for children. The additives that it contains such as herbs, clay, honey, oats only improve its beneficial properties.

It takes soap 4 weeks to mature! It can be used after that period (when making soap by using a cold process). During this period soaps saponify; extra moisture and alcali evaporate. There even exists soap that is recommended to be used no earlier than in one year. That is Castile soap; it is made only of olive oil, and in one year it acquires its most delicate properties. This soap is usually more expensive than others.

Natural soap is the best gift! It has a lot of advantages. First of all, that is a 100% natural product, secondly, it's handmade – you will not find any other piece just like it! And, thirdly, its benefit is that it doesn't dry the skin out, will not irritate the skin, and in some cases will even have medicinal effect. That is the best thing that we can offer to people who we love!

Do not hesitate to ask any questions! I appreciate your interest and comments to what I do!
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